When do you think you will have time? Can you be specific on which particular thoughts?

I’m on an island called America.

[He gasps as he try’s to understand what thoughts Joe is referring to]

Who’s President

Let me know when it works best for your schedule to discuss this particular topic. I’m confident this conversation will help expedite the world as a whole while each nation thrives collectively. In today’s world, the opportunity to speak is an art. The thought of power is an illusion.

Your agenda

As I’ve shared – you literally have no clue. We can discuss more about the future now or as it unfolds. It will not have as many lines/borders as currently focused on.


70% of earth consists of the Ocean, the other 30% is what you might “control” 1% of. [Let that sink in]. I’d be happy to help teach you to influence the other 69%.